LED Demo Tester: A tool assist your car led light great performance

Published by faith-link 2018-02-01 10:05:47

As a leading supplier engaged in auto led light over 10 years, beside auto lighting solution, we also have

accessories parts to help installation and performance, like decoder, resistor, wiring adapter etc,

here is one top-selling display board,


led demo tester


It can display and test small led bulb like T10, T20 and so on, also LED headlight.

Original socket including: Fish clip (RVB), T20, 1156, 1157, H7, H4, H8/H11, H1/H3, 31mm * 2pcs, T10 * 10 pcs

Socket above can be customized.



A test board is widely used for exhibition and shop, you can imagine that when you light up the lamp, any

consumers pass by, a great brightness and color can catch their attention, and good chance for selling. Also,

consumers can real test your products on spot to purchase.