Car Led Light Supplier: LED projector headlamp or led reflector headlamp better?

Published by faith-link 2021-05-25 08:47:09

If you’re car owner, you should have aware of some car high low beam are not reflector headlamp,

while others are. Projector headlamp is always in favor by lots of drivers, is it just because of brightness?

To answer this, let’s look at several common car headlamp design.


Multiple LED Light-emitting Units

This kind of light group can not see the lens, but multiple LED bulb units can be seen from the appearance, this kind of

design has a small lens on each LED bulb to change the light-emitting angle, and divided into two parts: high beam and low beam.


car led light supplier: multiple LED light-emitting units


Single Beam+Reflective Cup

This system does not have a lens, LED bulb work by specially designed reflective cups. High beam and low beam is

separate, each bulb is high power. There is not much difference between the led light and halogen lamps of reflector,

except that the brightness of the LED is higher.


car led light supplier: Single Beam+Reflective Cup


Led Projector Headlight

High beam and low beam of this light are integrated and it is in the same bulb. when low beam is turn on, the shading

plate in the led bulb will cover the light from top half. When the high beam is turn on, the shading plate will not cover it,the

light is evenly reflected by the lens, which is equivalent to turning on the high beam and low beam at the same time.


car led light supplier: Led Projector Headlight


Luminous effect

car led light supplier: Led Projector Headlight Luminous effect


A light system with a lens is called a projection system. The light system with reflector is called reflective system. reflective

systems are more efficient than projection systems. That is to say,if you use a light with the same brightness, use reflective

light can get a higher brightness than use projector light. For example, the picture above is a reflective light, The reflector

is close to the led bulb, and light is all reflected, there was almost no light loss.

Therefore, the Projector Headlight housing generally needs a more focused light type, such as

a single-sided light design.



The headlight with lens is a projection lamp, as following picture shows, lamp is behind the reflector, when the lamp

is turn on, The light is reflected by the reflector and refracted through the lens, and then illuminates forward. Due to

the increase of the light path and the large gap between the lamp and the lens, Especially when the low beam is

turned on, it is necessary to use a shading plate to cover the light above the lens, so there is a lot of light loss.


car led light supplier 02


In the case of brightness of light is the same, The light with reflector is actually brighter. But light beam

of light with projector is better. In addition, reflective led headlights are more dazzling then projector lamp

when low beam is turn on at night. The price of the projector lamp is higher, if the brightness of this lamp

is not enough, you can charge high power light bulb, the light bulb with lens is not afraid of astigmatism.

However, the reflection type lamp changes high-power lamp may not be so ideal.


car led light supplier 03